I had a very different post in mind for today.

I don’t know if other bloggers run into this or not, but I have been working on crafting a piece for several days, and just can’t get it right. It is about an event that’s ending soon and therefore timely, so I really wanted to finish it and pass along the information. In the midst of my frustrations, I received an email that I believe is the universe telling me to abandon the former (at least for today) and go in a completely different direction. It has inspired me to write this post instead.

I had my very first  sandwich from Paladar Cubano a couple of weeks ago.  As it turns out, sadly, it was to be my last as well. You see, the email I mentioned above was a notice that Paladar was closing. Their last day was yesterday.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I regularly write reviews and lists for CitySearch Seattle. You also may have seen a couple of weeks ago that I posted twin lists of my picks for great local places to get sandwiches. I wrote one highlighting Seattle, titled, “Super Seattle Sandwiches,” and the other was focused on places outside Seattle (mostly North), “Sandwiches On the Go“. 

In doing research for my lists, I knew I had to venture to Paladar and have one of their Cubano’s. I had heard everyone I know rave about them, and had so longed to try for myself. People said that it was the only authentic cuban sandwich in Seattle. I also needed a picture for my post, so I paid a visit to Paladar to kill two birds  – one great sandwich and a photo!

They were closed. The guys in the truck were so gracious and encouraged me to come back another time. Of course! I wouldn’t want to miss out on potential sandwich heaven! So a few days later, I went back. This time I was successful, and…Oh! How wonderful! Why had I never had this before? Many future trips were planned in my head as I enjoyed bites two and three. 

As I was posting my mini reviews in “Super Seattle Sandwiches,” I realized that one of the businesses did not yet have a profile on CitySearch. Can you guess which one? Yup! Paladar! I was a little sad that my list would be incomplete, but all it takes is a request to the editor to add a business, so I decided to go ahead with the posting and add the missing one later (the editor was on vacation, so I knew it might be a couple of weeks.) And of course, I had to run into my kitchen to make a quick homespun sandwich, snap some photos, and post those, but I knew it was only temporary. I would switch out the photos when Paladar was added. 

I know that there are many who are mourning the loss of their favorite roadside eatery, and I feel very sorry for those who never even had the opportunity try this little pocket of heaven. For my part I am so grateful that I made such the effort, but disheartened that there will be no return trips. It’s extremely sad that Paladar is gone from the sandwich landscape of Seattle. They contributed so much.

I am also disappointed that I will now never be able to add them, and feel my list will always be incomplete. So in honor, complete with photos and title description, here it is, short and sweet, my mini review of Paladar. Thanks for the memories (albeit brief) 🙂

Super Seattle Sandwiches

The venerable meal in one. Portable, packable, and ever versatile. Sammies, subs, grinders, po’ boys, hot, cold, open-faced, au jus or no jus, crust on or off; whatever you call it, and however you like yours, this town has it! There is nothing quite like the timeless sandwich, and people in Seattle are passionate about these little pockets of layered flavor. Everyone has their favorite, but there is one out there for every taste.

Paladar Cubano

This street vendor in North Seattle, on Aurora North and NE 90th, is touted as having the only authentic Cuban sandwich in Seattle. The Cubano, made the moment you order it, is loaded with succulent pork, tender ham, cheese, pickles, and mustard. It’s then grilled to perfection on crunchy outside/tender inside Cuban bread, and served up with a side of the biggest friendliest, smiles you have ever seen in Seattle!