Chocolate cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago I posted here about Stacey Edwards’ Bake-n-Blog virtual baking party and her invitation to other bloggers to join her in baking and blogging about this selection of enticing Ming Makes Cupcakes. Well, the choices are made, the cupcakes are all baked, and today is blogging day!

Those of you who know me, may also know that I am more of a cook than a baker. Not that I am bad at baking, or even dislike it, I just prefer the creative freedom that cooking affords me. There is an awful lot of precise measuring that goes into the baking process and I tend to be more loose with ingredients than allowed in baking, mostly using recipes as more of a “guideline” than the gospel truth. When I’m cooking my self dialogue could go something like this:

“Was that 1 or 2 teaspoons?”


“Oh well, just eyeball it. And let’s just throw in a little of this too. Oh, and maybe some of that…”

Not such good words to speak while baking.

But I do love a nice homemade baked good, especially when it’s chocolate! And Sis’s Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting are an absolute dream for a chocolate lover like me!

I have always encouraged my children to join me in the kitchen, and my younger son seems to have taken to it with great intensity. But lately, he has been distracted by other fun things to do than act as my sous chef.  So when the time came to make my chosen cupcake,  I was a little surprised that he wanted to help. His disposition is perfect for baking, he is a budding engineer – spending hours in his room, working diligently, with precision and creativity, on his latest LEGO creation.

So while I directed, and snapped photos, he perfectly measured…


and poured…

Pouring butter

and stirred…

Baking Helper

and “stirred”…

Baking Helper

and baked.

Cupcakes going in the oven

And of course he had to build!

stacked cupcakes

This guy ( the older brother) only appeared in the kitchen when there were spoons to be licked!
Licking the spoon

The best part about this challenge was hearing the words, “I just love being in the kitchen and helping you make stuff, mom.”  I just smiled and said, “Me too.” Though I don’t really think he helped me at all…

Did I mention that I ADORE baking? 😉