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Things have been a little crazy around here. Last week we lost one of  pet family members – our dear Storm cat, then my mother arrived from out of town for a visit, and on top of that I was busy helping to plan a family birthday party for my grandfather.  With everything that was going on, I realized yesterday that I really hadn’t given Valentine’s Day a whole lot of thought.

No worries though. A quick, pretty, festive table doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t be something that one stresses over.   I threw together this tablescape this morning with things I had on hand from around the house. I think it turned out well.

It’s all ready for our family dinner. I just need to add three things; flowers (I hope to receive these from my honey 😉 ), some take-out Chinese food, and a decadent chocolate dessert. I’m making these delicious chocolate cupcakes to add to my red cake pedestals.


Chocolate cupcakes

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family, friends, or a special someone!