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I am so over this wet, cold, snowy weather we’ve had here in the Pacific Northwest! How about you?

I visited the Northwest Flower & Garden Show this weekend, courtesy of the Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, and began dreaming of that early spring that the groundhog promised us this year.

It’s almost time to get out there and start planting and I cannot wait!

This fairy-tale inspired one is a little fancy, but I love the idea of a living wall. I may just have the perfect place on the side of my house.

I think I need to spend more time scouring the roadsides for free items I could use in my garden. Recycling old materials for the garden is something I have been wanting to try more of. This idea gives new meaning to the term garden “bed”.

I don’t think I’m quite crafty enough for this…

But this I could do!

I am really digging these stone faces. Do you like these or do you think they are creepy? I kind of think both myself.

Beautifully creepy!

What bright colorful mushrooms these are. I don’t usually go for this look, but these really caught my eye.

I am especially looking forward to the plantings that we get to enjoy at the dinner table. I’m planning on trying tomatoes yet again this year (even though my husband says I am a glutton for punishment) and of course planting more herbs, and maybe even a vegetable garden finally.

Wouldn’t these recycled silverware markers be so much fun in the garden? Right up my alley!

I didn’t realize that the show would make me so hungry 😉

Most of all, I am looking forward to entertaining.

Is this a little over the "top"? So adorable!

I just love entertaining – especially outdoors. From a bbq with the family, to a sweet brunch in the garden with my girlfriends.

This summer I am finally going to dig out, clean up, and use this beautiful antique garden cart I got for a steal at a rummage sale a few years ago. I think it would make a perfect bar cart for the bloody Mary bar at Alexandra Hedin’s Garden Brunch I guest blogged about over at Girl Power Hour. Read about it here.

Now if I can just get my deck finished…