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I am so excited! Today is opening day of my neighborhood farmers market. To me, the opening of all of the local farmers markets is truly the kick-off to summer!

 I just love produce that tastes as nature intended – so much of what we buy in the supermarket is flavorless mush. Some of my favorite things to enjoy are the tomatoes, berries, asparagus, and of course the flowers! What are your favorite farmers markets buys?

It really doesn’t get any better than supporting our small farms and eating and cooking with fresh, local, organic ingredients. This summer I plan to shop my local farmers market (and maybe explore some others!) often and cook meals to share with you here. Do you want to join me?

I will go even further by challenging myself  from time to time with a budget limit. I hear so often that what keeps people from shopping the farmers markets is that they are more expensive than the grocery store.

I wonder if I can make a fresh, healthy and delicious meal for my family of four for under $20. Or even $10? Hmmmm…maybe soup!

Might be tough with two growing boys! But they do have meat!

Each week I post I will invite other bloggers to post along with me – let me know if you are interested in participating and I will link up to your blog 🙂

There are so many markets to choose from in our area! Just look at this list! I had no idea there were so many – can’t wait to visit some new (to me) markets and try some different ingredients!