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Autumn foliage at Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle where I work.

As the fall winds bring changes in the season they also bring big changes for me.

About a month ago I started a new job – I just love it. After many years of working part-time I have returned to full-time work and am the new events manager for a long-standing, local, non-profit organization. (More on that later.) Sadly, around that same time, a dear family member passed away after losing his battle with cancer. And so, today, we are welcoming another family member into this household.  Life is changing.

And this blog is changing.

If you are a regular reader you will notice the somewhat significant updates to its appearance (and if you are a new reader, welcome!) I have redesigned the look of KristinPotPie and plan to log shorter, more frequent, posts. The blog too must evolve.

Since the beginning I have been searching to find the definition of this blog. What is it truly about? The answer was always there though. Funny – I just didn’t realize it.

After a hiatus of sorts, and much introspection this past summer and fall, I finally realized that the things I write about are common and familiar to all of us. Those little snatches of time that give us comfort when life is difficult and brings us uncertainty. I have updated the “About” page and changed the tag line for KristinPotPie to “Savoring Life’s Komforts” – a truer reflection on what this blog is about and a play on the “K” in “KristinPotPie” (because that’s me!)

Spending time doing what we love and with those we love. These are the moments that really matter to me. Life flits through our fingers and I have to just grab hold sometimes and slow it down. Here I will share my recipes for these moments.

Change is good sometimes too. 🙂


Photos used with permission of the Arboretum Foundation.