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We’re burying another member of the family today. That makes four pet funerals this year.

A cat we had for some time but still too short of a time, a kitten we had for a very short time but oh, what adventures she had coming to us from all the way across country, an extremely active and humorous hamster, and now a beautifully colored, sweet-singing toad who has been my 11 year old’s companion for many years.

Now what to do with Toadie’s Christmas ornament?

It broke my heart that just two days after hanging this on the tree, my son handed it to me and said, “Here mom. I guess we don’t need this anymore.” If it were up to me, we would leave it for the season, in honor of Toadie. But I guess this is just his way of dealing with death.

He’s had enough.

Let’s hope 2012 is better.