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All week I have been working on lining up my 2012 home organization projects and some of my Christmas gifts have helped me to get a jump-start! Of course you may know that the kitchen is my favorite room in the house to spend time in – but it is also the one room that is most ripe for organization. So, now, time to get busy!

A few months ago I won a starter set of these wonderful Tablefare spice containers. I just love these attractive little jars with the flip-top lid. Sitting on the counter they are so handy and right where I need them when I am cooking. They help me to really control the amount of seasoning I use because I can use my fingers to just pinch the perfect amount of spice. But the best part is that I find the see-through jars so lovely showing off the colors of all my beautiful herbs and spices. But, I quickly found that I could use a few more. Then guess what I got for Christmas?

I also scored some labels to help me get further organized! Now, even the starter set comes with blank labels that you can write the names of your seasonings on, but I really wanted the pre-printed ones – my handwriting is not something I like to display in my home!

Here is a project I have been dreading but itching to do at the same time – you must have projects like that in your home?

Oh my, I cannot believe I am about to show you this… this is going to be so embarrassing…but, here it goes…

This was my spice/baking cabinet before. I decided that I would take out all the seasonings that I used in my everyday cooking and put them in the TableFare jars – leaving behind mostly baking supplies and a few other items.

In addition, I still had a bunch of rosemary being stored out on my porch that was leftover from Christmas.

Remember my holiday chair decorations/favors?

They had dried out nicely so I removed all the needles

And then put them into one of the big bottles –

I needed to save some room – since I still had all that rosemary on my porch!

So in order to dry the rest of it out here is what I did – I tied it all up with some kitchen string and then hung it in the utility room to dry.

For later 🙂

I am so happy with how it all turned out! Removing my “everyday” seasonings gave me the nudge I needed to redo the cabinet as well.

I just got a few plastic containers to hold some of the larger items like flour, sugar and salt. Just look at that formerly messy cabinet now!

Now I have to decide what is next…my jewelry? The pantry? Craft supplies? The list is never-ending…

What are you working on organizing in this new year?