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When it comes to sweets nothing compares to the comforting powers of chocolate.

And has my week ever necessitated such comfort! I’m sure that most of you know about (or have experienced firsthand!) the winter storm that hit the pacific northwest this past week.

Here’s what the view’s been like out my back window. It is pretty to look at, sure.

But several days of being cooped up in the house, trying to work remotely while the kids enjoyed snow days home from school, is enough to drive one to sweets.

Just picture if you will…

The shuffling in and out of teenage boys and their flock of friends as they pile their soaking, makeshift sledding gear by the entrances.

The seven animals feeling the cabin fever too with the two littlest kittens chasing each other, and a tiny unassuming piece of paper (for some reason more entertainment to them than a thousand cat-nip drenched mice!), up and over the top of my chair.

And the intensity of an ever-nearing, sizable deadline at work.

All endeavoring together to only feed my loathness for this weather and my desire for something of a sugary nature (and a warmer climate.) Enter the Phoenix to warm the day and melt all my frustrations away. (Well, at least some – it did nothing to diminish my impending deadline 😉 )

Firebird Chocolates is a local, handmade, “better-than-fair-trade”, certified USDA organic chocolate company that uses the phoenix as its symbol to represent rebirth and renewal – but also a symbol that in my mind conjures up images of fire and warmth.

Firebird is a division of Foodbeat NW whose mission it is to support local foods – and if you’ve spent any time on my blog you know that I am all about that! GO local!

They recently sent me two bars of their most delicious, high quality chocolate to try. They paired perfectly with a Cara Cara orange – one good thing about this time of year. The Milk Chocolate bar, with 41% cocoa, is quite tasty – sweetly mellow with such depth of creaminess and full of chocolatey flavor. The boys loved it! I actually did too, but tend to be more of a dark chocolate fan.

And the dark? Oh the dark! Divinity! At 60% cocoa, the Huckleberry Dark Chocolate Bar had just the perfect balance of sweetness and bite. But it also had something else.

A bit of a surprise!

Are you ready for this? Yep, that’s a whole Idaho huckleberry in there!

Summer in a candy bar!


“Dream” it says on each little rectangle. And “Dream” I did…

Of this!

The snow is now melting all away but my desire for more of this chocolate never will – especially since Firebird will soon be coming out with some new flavors such as Spicy Dark Chili Lime and a drinking chocolate that I cannot wait to try!

You can find a local retail location and read more about Firebird Chocolates here. By the way – you can order online and have it shipped to you if you are ever snowbound yourself!

What sweets are comforting to you when life (or the weather) gets you down?

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.