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I’ve been a bit preoccupied this last week with out of town family visiting, a small event at work, my grandfather’s 90th birthday celebration – can you believe 90?! Hope I am that with it at 90! 🙂 And now sitting and waiting, for the second day, at the courthouse (where the wifi is painfully sloooooow!) hoping I get chosen (or not?) for jury duty!

I have so many things to catch up on and share with you all, like my amazing visit to West Elm last week, where they gave some local bloggers (like me!) a personal tour of their new spring line and an incredible-tasting salad dressing that I recently taste-tested. Yes, I said, “salad dressing” – can you say “bacon”? Mmmmm! But today, as promised, I am extremely excited to announce the five winners of a one month’s supply of Sweet Potato popchips! Yum!

The lucky readers are: Shelia, Tamara, Wanda, Lindsey and Stacey! I will be contacting each of you to get your mailing addresses. Congratulations! Please check back with me after you have had a chance to taste them and let me know how you like your gift!

Thanks to everyone who entered and passed the word of the drawing along! Happy Wednesday all!