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As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I am a huge fan of the TV program Mad Men and have so been missing it in my TV line-up.

Well, finally, the wait is over! Mad Men Season Five premieres this Sunday night, March 25th at 9pm on AMC.

I am thrilled that my favorite show is returning to the airwaves! So thrilled, in fact, that I am throwing a party! Big surprise, huh? 😉

And even better, I have been chosen to host a Mad Men themed House Party! House Parties are sponsored by popular brands where thousands of other hosts and guests from across the US are all having the same party, at the same time, on the same day.  It’s free and there is no pressure to sell anything. You supply the food and guests and House Party provides you with all the tools you need to have the best party on the block!

Including a fun party pack!

What a fun T-shirt – perfect for someone who is not really into the whole dressing-up-in-costumes thing!

It even has a lipstick kiss on the collar. Nice touch!

Masks for others who want to augment their costumes.

How can you have a Mad Men party without a cocktail shaker?

They even sent us a DVD of the season four finale so we can refresh our memories before the big show starts.

I’ve been busy planning my menu. It will be chock full of 60’s inspired appetizers like bite-sized versions of this wedge salad, deviled eggs, cocktail meatballs, and my easy stuffed mushroom recipe.

And for dessert…

…chocolate fondue!

I have been rummaging through my cupboards.

And scouring the thrift stores for fun, vintage looking items.

These great luncheon plates will do very nicely for appetizers.

And one cannot have a Mad Men party without a stocked bar – love this ice bucket I picked up at the thrift store!

I also have these great vintage books –

This one from the 1950’s, all about decorating with crepe paper, inspired me to finally try my hand at those crepe paper poms that everyone seems to be using to decorate their parties these days. Here’s a look at my practice pom.

Pretty easy and turned out well – but I do think I need to go with a smaller size for my cozy house.

I cannot wait to see it all come together! I will put up a full post afterward with pictures of the party.

Will you be watching Sunday night?