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I received my first ever CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box this week, and I need your hep.

I was super excited to see all this lovely, fresh, organic produce delivered right to my door – and at such a reasonable price! Freggies delivers fresh, all-organic produce each week(or every other week – as I have chosen) at an affordable price with no delivery charge.

I have some leftover mushroom stuffing from my Mad Men party – so these mushrooms will really come in handy!

The spinach was such a welcome sight – lately I have been craving spinach sauteed in some olive oil and fresh garlic!

One of the reasons I did this was to encourage my kids (okay – one of my kids especially!) to eat more fruits and veggies. Of course, the one I don’t need to encourage was all over the box saying, “Can we do this every week?” 🙂

He also commented that this was the best pear he had ever had! Success! (at least with him!)

But here’s where I need you help. The one thing I was not happy to see was this…

Beets! NOT my fave. I don’t really like sweet veggies – sooooo I need some savory ideas for these darn beets – who’s gonna help me like these?

I could also use some help with the leek and the chard – I usually only use these in soups – but how would you prepare these otherwise? Let me know in the comments below what you would use them for or what are your favorite (or least favorite) things to receive in a CSA box.