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Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way!

I love Easter because (even if it’s still wintery-like here in the NW!) it signals the true beginning of Spring. The pastel color palette is a foreshadowing to me of the warmer days ahead and the flowers that will soon be blooming all over.

Today’s Easter table-scape is inspired by one of my favorite children’s books – Peter Rabbit.

As I unpacked my Easter decorations I was struck by the collection of bunnies that I have and thought, “why not a Bunny in the Garden themed Tea Party?”

I used a primarily pink and green color scheme but sprinkled in all the other wonderful spring colors with the use of eggs and candy.

I just happened to have these little lettuce starts sitting idly by in my kitchen waiting for warmer weather to go in the yard.

To represent Mr. McGregor’s off-limits garden, I placed the tiny plants in these adorable picket-fence baskets I have. I don’t know where these came from – I’ve had them for years! But they sure came in handy in decorating this table!

Seed packets add to the theme, but also make a nice favor for each of the children to take home and plant in their own garden – maybe after seeing how much Peter loves garden-delights, they will be inspired to eat more veggies! Pair the seeds to take home with some little containers for filling up with Easter candy that they find on their hunt.

Don’t worry mom and dad! Notice how small the containers are? 😉

To display the candy, how fun it was to just sprinkle it on the table (and I got this Egg plate-with-candy idea on my recent visit to West Elm and couldn’t wait to use it!)

And for the most mischievous Peter-named bunny of them all…

We will be coloring eggs for him to hide!

Of course, I always make deviled eggs from the leftover hard boiled eggs.

Mine are made very simply with mayo, a dash of dried mustard and a splash of sweet pickle juice, topped with paprika.

I know everyone makes them different – in some families there even are battles as to who makes the best eggs!

What do you put in your deviled eggs?

Or do you use your leftover eggs for other things? Egg salad? Potato salad? Something different?

Let me know – I’m sure we will have plenty to try something new!