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I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day! I had a most wonderful weekend despite feeling sick through it all with a wicked stomach bug. I am just starting to feel better.

Some highlights of the weekend: We had fabulous weather here in the Northwest which allowed us a great cookout on Saturday – with smoked ribs my husband made on the BBQ. It was our first time eating outdoors on the deck this year!

Brunch out on Sunday was lovely and my 12 year old made me breakfast on Saturday (since he couldn’t on Sunday) So sweet! And his sunny-side-up eggs were cooked perfectly – I think he makes better eggs than I do!

I even got a wee bit of yard work done, but the best part was going to the flea market at the local community center with my wonderful mother-in-law. We always make the best shopping buddies. 🙂

I never have cash (or even think of stopping at the cash machine) so last week when I got my hands on some, I saved my pennies for my Saturday shopping trip. My budget for the event was $20 and I think I did rather well!

  • Isn’t this adorable? I usually only go with vintage items at the flea market but this i-phone case was calling to me at  – $2
  • I just fell in love with this bird salt & pepper shakers! Anything that is light green or yellow I look at to match my kitchen. These go perfectly! (And they have a touch of pink on them! My favorite color!) – $2

  • Speaking of birds – I also found a nest for my West Elm dome cake plate. I have been looking for one at the craft stores and haven’t been able to find anything quite right…

…this one came complete with bird and was only – $1

  • Another vintage apron to add to my growing collection. Love this gauzy fabric – and in green no less! It seems I pick up an apron every time I go to the flea market – $3

  • This berry bowl is just so quaint. And in almost perfect shape – I didn’t notice the one little nick until I got it home – hopefully no one else will notice it either! Can’t wait to buy some berries to fill it with! – $2

  • This over-sized martini glass goes well with the others I have been finding lately – I feel a candy buffet coming on! This was my big splurge – $5

  • OH! And just wait till you see what I’m going to do with these! At only $1 apiece, these rustic cheese graters were a whopping total of – $4

What would you use them for?

Shopping Total$19!

I even had money left over to buy a hotdog at the little-league baseball game my 14 year old son was umpiring. We stopped off to watch him in action after working up an appetite shopping!

Ah…weekends! And look, we are halfway to another one!

I’d love to know, what are your favorite finds when thrift shopping?