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Today I am going to ask for a huge favor!

For over two years now I have been posting to this little blog (and asking very little in return 🙂 ) and you (at least my hubby, mom, mother-in-law and my best friend!) have been popping by to read and support me. Thank you all!

I realized the other day that, with all the events I have been busy with planning over at my day job, I missed marking my blog’s two year anniversary earlier this month. But to celebrate, I am in the process of re-designing and focusing the blog on what I truly should have been all along. Stay tuned!

I have realized that as a writer, event planner and food lover my most favorite blog posts of all are about entertaining – of course! Ah, the food, the decor and the fun! (Check out my favorite entertaining posts here. Which one’s your favorite? I love that Lunar New Year table!) So I am very excited to ask you to vote for me today (and everyday between now and June 7th!) for the Circle of Moms – Top 25 Party Planning Moms. A contest for moms who blog about party planning.

Circle of Moms mission is all about making the lives of moms easier and more enjoyable. They help moms connect, both to one another and to their families, to capture and share their children’s stories and to tap a rich and authentic source of advice and support: other moms. I am so proud to be a part of this list!

They are looking for looking for mom bloggers who write about how to plan and throw parties for birthdays, holidays, graduations, baby showers, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

I would appreciate your vote! Just click here and go vote for me – please! 🙂

Thank you!