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I recently held another House Party – I’ve told you before about House Party when I held my Mad Men House Party. I just love playing board games so I was thrilled when I was chosen for this party and asked to introduce my friends to a fun new game. Telestrations.

Telestrations is based on the telephone game – you know, where one person whispers a phrase to another and by the end of the chain of people it is fun to hear how the phrase has been changed up. The game is the same idea, but with drawings.

And it is hilarious! Especially if you have people playing who can’t draw – like me!

I drew my inspiration for decor from the game, and used the color scheme of blue and yellow.

With accents of black and white to represent the white board-like booklets from the game.

I even carried the color scheme through the food and drink.

Offering up sparkling waters and blue punch,

this delicious lemon cake from The Newlywed Kitchen Cookbook from Lorna Yee (always a crowd-pleaser!)

and these fun, fresh pineapple and blueberry skewers.

Food on a stick was definitely called for at this party – it makes eating and playing so much easier!

These Chicken Apple Meatballs from Food For Tots were the hit of the party. Delicious served with the home spun tzatziki sauce I made!

And these caprese skewers. So easy – just layer cherry tomatoes, a basil leaf and marinated fresh mozzarella balls onto a small stick!

These Chili Lime Shrimp in a Wonton Cup from Inspired Taste – were an easy finger food.

The menu was rounded out by my attempt to re-create this Game Night Cheese Spread Dice recipe from Taste of Home. Looks easier than it is to make!

Oh well – I think my guests got the gist. And it tasted great – that’s all that really matters, right? 🙂

The folks over at House Party sent me an awesome party pack with an extra game to give away and some fun party favors.

Which I packed up in dollar store mini canvas totes (in corresponding colors, of course!) I made these “Thank You” gift tags with free printables from How Does She?

We had such a fun time playing that we didn’t even keep score. We just enjoyed each others company. And laughed…until we cried! Literally! We had to pull out the Telestration branded tissues sent to me in the party pack. (Good thing I included individual packs of tissues in the goodie bags!)

Even the teenagers got into it. And it is quite a feat to get teenagers these days to put down the game controllers!

Telestrations is a wonderful game for a party, or on a holiday when the whole family is gathered – I’m thinking Thanksgiving – and is available at area retailers or online for purchase.

What game do you love to play when the whole gang is together?