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This week is a bit harried for me with school starting, a couple of birthdays in the household, a huge event at work and getting new flooring installed in our house!

I will be be back next week with more fun parties and posts but in the meantime, please enjoy this guest post from MyPartyPlanner.com, “a FREE website created especially for you, the visitor, searching for an entertainment service for your event in your area, and all your party planning needs.”

A paint party is perfect for a fall celebration while the weather is still warm but not too hot to be outside!

It takes a certain amount of bravery to host a party, especially if you are inviting the closest of friends. People will rate, and later talk about the party, so it is important to make sure they are well entertained.

With all of the usual party themes having been worn out, finding a new theme, a unique theme, perhaps even a crazy theme can be difficult. Thankfully exciting new party themes such as paint parties can help a host throw parties that will be remembered for years.

A paint party theme is one of the hottest new themes to hit the party scene in a long time. Party goers absolutely love an opportunity to be free from worries, and will have a blast throwing and rubbing paint on each other, and everything else. Is it messy?

Well of course it is, it is delightfully messy!

When combined with a DJ spinning tunes, party lights, and a group of great friends, it is certain that not one guest will leave paint free, or disappointed.

When planning a paint party there are a few things a host must do to ensure all who enter the ‘carefree paint zone’ will have a great evening:

  • Planning the number of guests, the space needed, and the amount of paint to supply guests, are the hardest parts of hosting a paint party. (Actually, these really are not difficult things to do, most likely finding a DJ who will show up on time, and of course with all the latest hits may be the worst part of any party planning.)
  • Once the number of guests is determined the paint can be purchased. Getting colors that will pop under party lights is definitely important.
  • Having enough paint is also important, so be sure to carefully plan it out.
  • Just how enthusiastic will the guests likely be? Are they going to go crazy and make certain the entire party zone is covered? If so, it is wise to have some extra paint to make certain guests never run out, that is until the plug is pulled and the party is over.
  •  An important thing to do is ask guests to wear white or light colors and bring a change of clothes. After all, a host could not possibly loan out all of their clean clothes, now could they?
  • When throwing such a messy party it is wise to make sure there is an area for guests to clean up, it might not be a bad idea to invite a few of them to help clean up.

Though paint parties are messy, the fond memories of making the colorful mess will live on for years.