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get-to-work-girl-orange-typewriter-1 (2)Sometimes I just get stuff all jumbled in my head.

Does this ever happen to you?

Friends often ask how I do everything that I do. Career, family, home, entertaining, blogging – I usually laugh and say, “Oh, I am tired a lot.”

But honestly, I tend to just get so excited by all the possibilities that I end up taking on too much, and then feeling overwhelmed by it all. (Thus, the head-jumble.)

Moving along at a fast clip through my days, keeping up with all that I “need” to get done. Never having (or making, really) the time to assess if it is all getting me where I want to go.

What I need is some help sorting it all out.

And a plan. (Does any of this sound like you too?)

Enter Melanie Biehle.

melanie-biehle-by-sandra-harris-1 (2)

Photo credit: Sandra Harris of Raincoast Cottage

I connected with Melanie as a fellow blogger through a local blogger group we both belong to. She is the writer, designer and photographer of the very successful blog, Inward Facing Girl.

She has a Master of Science in psychology and nearly 15 years of marketing, research, and project management experience. She also owns her own consulting and coaching business, Genuine Mix.

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Through Genuine Mix, Melanie helps creative women address different aspects of their lives and careers. She offers a “choose your own adventure” approach in her three levels of services, so that no matter where you are in your journey, she can help you to get organized and figure out what you need to do to start living your ideal life as soon as possible.

Step 1 – COACHING:

Genuine Mix can provide you with one-on-one coaching services to help you organize and move forward on personal and professional goals.

Maybe like me, you know what you want but just aren’t finding the time, or clarity, to get there. I recently met with Melanie and was so impressed by her ability to help me see things in a different way. She showed me the potential in all that I am doing and encouraged me in new directions. But just as importantly, she helped me give myself permission to let go of some stuff that is just not working for me so that I can focus on my true path.


Melanie also provides branding and social media consultations, so that when you’re ready to start or grow your business she’ll work with you on bringing your passion and personality into your company’s brand and provide a strategy for your social media options.


Melanie is a very talented designer and she offers graphic design services to help bring your vision to life. She will design your logo, a banner for your blog, a business card, a Facebook page, a Pinterest account, copy for your website or anything else you might need to help turn your brand into something physical.

I know that many of us moms, wives, women, are in this similar situation where we sometimes question how all that we do will lead to where we want to be. We get so caught up in it all (the “busy” syndrome) that we are just going through the everyday motions. Sometimes we just need to stop, clear our head and let another help us find the best way to travel there.

Melanie can work with you on any one thing or she can guide you through each of these different phases. I was so impressed with Melanie’s gift – to be able to help me clear my head jumble is a major feat. She let me ramble on and on and in the end, I had definite action steps – It was like magic!

I think you should call her (or email her 🙂 ) – and right away!

Don’t you want to head into the New Year with a plan?