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Happy New Year's TreeHave you taken your Christmas tree down yet? I always get sort of sad when it’s time to take it down so we usually leave ours up until at least New Year’s Day.

But this year I was torn. I was sort of ready to get things tidied up early, but not really ready to say goodbye to the beauty of the lights twinkling on the tree.

So I decided to do something I haven’t done in many years. I got a head start putting the ornaments away while still making it possible to enjoy my tree for a few more days.

My answer?

Festive New Year's Eve Tree

A New Year’s Tree!

Take all those NYE party hats and blowers off your table, and the banner and balloons you have been trying to find a spot to hang, and simply add them to your tree!

New Year's Eve Festive TreeThis is a great way to present your party accoutrements, and so fun for the kids to help with!

As guests arrive (or close to midnight), have them choose a party hat and blower right off the tree.

Festive New Year's TreeYou can leave your ornaments on if you like and just add to it, but I chose to take all the special ornaments off to make some room for the balloons.

I did leave the plain colored balls and the lights on though because I liked how the colors (and the lights) added to the look.

The “Happy New Year” banner is attached to branches with ornament hooks and then I just loaded the tree with hats and party blowers. Use as much or as little as you like.

New Year's Eve Festive TreeIt would be cute to add little treat bags for party favors, wouldn’t it?

The balloons, in an assortment of shapes and sizes, are just stuffed into the tree. The bag of cheap balloons I bought at the dollar store, I thought, had an assortment – but they really were all about the same size and shape (you get what you pay for!)

I made it work – I just filled up each balloon with a varying amount of air to make them differ in size.

Festive New Year's Tree

The balloons may waft off the tree as the evening wears on, but that just adds to the festive feel of the event as they float through the space.

In fact, if you don’t have little ones or pets about, you can even blow up a bunch of extra balloons and surround the tree with them – intentionally adding a bit more of a party atmosphere.

And for the top of the tree? I took off the star tree topper and added a nice big party hat on top. What else? 🙂

Festive New Year's Eve Tree

Our tree is ready for a celebration!

I know many people have different traditions surrounding the taking down of the tree – When do you pack yours in? Do you leave it up through New Year’s like we do, or are you a “get-it-all-cleaned-up-immediately-after-Christmas” type? I would love to hear what your traditions are.

Happy New Year TreeWishing all of you a fun and safe New Year’s! Bring on 2013!