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Chocolate FondueI feel a bit badly about not having posted here yet this year, but for us the celebrating does not end with New Years.

First we have Christmas, then one week later it’s New Year’s, and one week exactly after that is my youngest son’s birthday. It’s always a bit of a whirlwind!

He turned 13 this week and I have to tell you that I am a bit surprised at how well I am doing with it. I actually love having only teenagers in the house. (If I just don’t think about how my oldest will be driving later this year…)

13th birthdayI so appreciate being able to have discussions with them, watching their interests develop, and seeing what fine young men they are turning into.

Yes, it all has gone much too quickly for me and I do miss my little boys (and snuggling!) sometimes, but it’s amazing how they still really need their mom at this age – just in different ways.

This kid is kind of shy, so even for his big “I’m a teenager now!” birthday, my youngest was not that keen on having all the attention on him with a big splashy party.

To celebrate, he decided that he just wanted a nice quiet dinner at home with the four of us. His chosen menu included bacon-wrapped tenderloin steak, lobster tails, baked potato, and a green salad with baby shrimp. Such rich, grown-up tastes! (But still less expensive, I guess, than a party or going out for dinner.)

Chocolate FondueHe’s never been a big cake person, (see last year’s Sundae Buffet), so for dessert he asked for chocolate fondue and we enjoyed our very own “non-party” fondue party!

I bought a fondue pot at the thrift store last year for the chocolate fondue at my Mad Men Premiere Party and this recipe was perfectly delicious.

So all we had to do was decide on what to use for dippers.

Chocolate Fondue DippersThe boys came up with a list (and I added a couple of items):

  • Strawberries (of course)
  • Pretzel rods
  • Pirouette cookies
  • Gummy worms

Chocolate Fondue Dippers - gummy worms

  • Marshmallows – chocolate (have you seen these?) and regular!
  • Bacon – yes, bacon. This was the favorite of the night!

Chocolate Fondue Dippers - BaconAnd how much more “birthday” can you get than adding some sprinkles to the mix!

I simply poured different varieties into festive cupcake liners (doubled up) so that the kids could dip their items in the chocolate and then into the sprinkles.

Chocolate Fondue Dippers - sprinklesWe had dinner at the table by candle light, but when it came to dessert time, I thought it would be fun to serve it up on our new coffee table/ottoman in the living room – what a perfect use for this piece of furniture.

Chocolate Fondue

Isn’t he a handsome young man?

Chocolate FondueHow do you celebrate birthdays in your house without actually throwing a party?

What types of non-cake birthday desserts do you enjoy?

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