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Deathcake by Cupcake RoyaleI have a confession to make. Shhhh! Don’t tell my husband!

For many years I have been having a deep and abiding love affair with…


I may have been a bit sloppy and left some clues to my infidelity. My latest post was about chocolate. As was my very first post here – still a good one!

In fact, if there is any doubt in your mind as to just how strong my love is, a simple search for the word “chocolate” on “KristinPotPie” shows that, over the last (almost) three years of writing this blog (can you believe it’s been almost three years?!), I have written about it almost to the point of obsession.

As many love affairs go, while no bunnies have been harmed, there have been some moments of excruciating heartache (like when I, majorly hormonal, raid the cupboards to find that, alas, he has temporarily skipped out on me and is nowhere to be found.)

But other times? Oh! It is ecstasy!

SM_Deathcake_0026 (2)

Recently, our tryst took a very profound and meaningful turn – I didn’t think it was possible to fall anymore than I already had, but then I was introduced to the Deathcake Royale at Cupcake Royale.

These little chocolate bombs ignite the passion like nothing else!

The Deathcake Royale is only available during Valentine’s season – starting tomorrow, Friday, January 18th through February 14, 2013 at Cupcake Royale cafes and online. So get them while they are here!

And you can share the love this weekend with this special launch Buy One, Give One deal.

Where: Cupcake Royale – all 6 cafés and online (www.cupcakeroyale.com)

What: Deathcake Royale, comprised of locally made Theo Chocolate decadence fused with Stumptown Espresso ganache, and a pinch of fleur de sel.


Cupcake Royale is making it easy as cake to SHARE LOVE and practice Random Acts of Cupcakes for anyone in your life that makes everything a little better.

Visit a Cupcake Royale over Martin Luther King weekend, January 18 through January 21, purchase a Deathcake Royale on its debut weekend, and Cupcake Royale will give you a Cupcake-Gram to share (one per person, per visit).

Essentially a Cupcake-Gram is a way to SHARE love and express gratitude with a short note.  These are redeemable for a Cupcake or Deathcake Royale through February 10, 2013.

When: Starting Friday, January 18, 2013 through Monday, January 21, 2013- Buy a Deathcake Royale and get a Cupcake-Gram to SHARE LOVE with others. Look for samples of Deathcake Royale over the weekend too! Including Deathcake Royale Ice Cream and Deathcake Mochas.

Deathcake 3 Pack

I say – if I had to die for love, let it be at the hands of the Deathcake!

Photos used courtesy of Cupcake Royale.