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Valentine Love Bomb

I love Valentine’s Day –  Pink & red, hearts, poetry, chocolate – what’s not to love?

But I live in a house full of boys.

And mushy, heart-shaped anything is just not a part of their testosterone sensibility – they generally prefer things that go “boom”.

Valentine Love Bomb

So this year I am sending them love bombs!

Won’t these be adorable on the table at each person’s place setting?

For now I just put them in a bowl to display them.

Valentine Love Bomb

Last weekend I found boxes of these black plastic shatter-proof ornaments at Hobby Lobby…

Valentine Love Bomb

On clearance for .79 for a box of four! I was instantly inspired! (It looks like there are still quite a few choices for black ornaments on Amazon too.)

Valentine tinsel garland

Then I found this Valentines garland at the dollar store. Perfect!

Valentine Love Bomb

All I did was cut 6″of garland, thread the garland through the ornament hanger top and then twisted the end of the garland to the “fuse” to secure it.

I then added a tag with a silver treat bag twisty ties I had on hand.

Valentine Love Bomb

You could fill the ornament with confetti or bath salts or homemade pixie candy made from sugar and Jello mix or Kool Aid. But I went a step further!

My Heart Explodes for You Valentine I simply punched a small hole in a package of pop rocks, attached it to the ornament and labeled the candy with a cutout that reads, “My heart explodes for you Valentine!”. Another variation is: “You make my heart explode Valentine.”

What do you do to make your Valentine’s day more “boy”ish?