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Simple Easter Tulip Centerpiece

With Easter coming up fast on us this next Sunday, I thought I would spend this last weekend finally getting out my Easter decorations.

Big fail! The boxes are still in the attic (but I did manage to make some coffee cake, do some thrifting, and hem one pair of the two of my husband’s sweatpants that have been sitting in my mending pile for several weeks. Thank goodness for small victories!)

At some point this week I may end up getting those Easter boxes down and throwing up a few quickie decorations (that’s just how we roll around here I guess) and dig out some plastic eggs and baskets for the boys.

Simple Easter Tulip Centerpiece

But in the meantime I was able to Easter-up the place just by changing out my Simple Spring Daffodil Centerpiece (see what I did here originally) and updating the look to reflect the colors of the coming holiday.

All I did to change it up was turn over the tapestry that was underneath the flower arrangement to show a more floral pattern and then replace the daffodils with various colors of cut tulips. I used pink, yellow and purple flowers mixed together.

Simple Easter Tulip Centerpiece

Are you all ready for the big holiday this Sunday? How much or how little do you decorate for Easter?