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Free Scoop Day

Can you believe that it will be May already tomorrow? The first four months of this year have just flown by!

To celebrate May Day and the promise of warmer weather ahead (was that snow we had this morning? I guess it was just hail…) the local sweets experts, Cupcake Royale, is having a very special event!

Did you know that Cupcake Royale has some pretty wonderful ice cream? (Perfect, right? – what goes better with cake than ice cream?) And who doesn’t think of ice cream as the weather starts to get nice? (Have you seen the extended forecast for this week?! YES!)

ice cream

Cupcake Royale ice cream is different from many of the local popular brands. It’s a super-premium ice cream, meaning less air is churned into the ice cream. Less air makes a more dense, delicious, creamy ice cream. 

Just as customers have come to expect and love with the cupcakes, Cupcake Royale’s ‘Bakeshop Inspired’ ice cream flavors are handmade in house and contain only fresh, all natural, local and premium ingredients – no corn syrup and less sugar compared to other ice creams, which is especially important because Cupcake Royale adds so many interesting homemade inclusions, like fudgy brownie in the Roasted Banana ice cream, or red velvet cupcake chunks in the Red Velvet. 

Ice Cream Sammie

May 1 is FREE scoop day at Cupcake Royale cafes (with free ice cream sammies at West Seattle and Madrona) from 2-8 pm. Stop on by your favorite Cupcake Royale store to try any flavor you like and ice cream is on the house!

Expect some local celebs to make an appearance and scoop for customers! Including yours truly.

Yep! I was asked to be a “Celebrity Scooper” for the event – I almost fell off my chair when I read that. “Celebrity”. Thanks Cupcake Royale.

Not sure about the “Celebrity” part but I will definitely bring it where the “Scooper” part is concerned 🙂

Come see me tomorrow between 3 pm – 4 pm at the beautiful flagship cafe in the heart of Capitol Hill.


The weather for this weekend looks like summer so come on down tomorrow and get your first taste of the season.

What’s your favorite flavor?