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Burlap plant centerpiece

I recently made these simple centerpieces for an event at work. They would make the perfect rustic centerpiece, and party favor, for a wedding, garden party or a baby/bridal shower.

They would also work great for a teacher gift, or as a Mother’s Day, housewarming, or birthday present for the gardener in your life.

Burlap plant centerpiece/favor

To make these easy centerpieces, all you need is:

  • Flowering potted plant – 6″ or 8″ works well
  • Square of burlap fabric
  • Shepherd hook
  • Raffia
  • Mini galvanized watering can
  • Ribbon in complimentary colors to the flowers

Choose a nice flowering plant in a 6″-8″ pot. I love these colorful begonias.

Orange begonia potted plant

Place the shepherd hook into the plant. We purchased ours very inexpensively at Craft Supplies Online – love that store!

Burlap covered plant with shepard's hook

Cut the burlap fabric, fitted to the plant pot, with about 3-5 inches of overhang.

Burlap covered plant centerpiece

Cover the pot – gather it in places around the pot, making overlapping creases so that the overhang creates a nice presentation around the edges.

Stretch a rubber band around the covered pot…

Burlap wrapped plant

Or use another set of hands (my son helped me with this one!) to keep the fabric in place while you tie a few strands of raffia around it into a bow.

Burlap covered plant with bow

Then tie a short (about 8″ each) thin fabric ribbon onto the handle of the tiny watering can. I used two pieces of ribbon in different colors.

We purchased our watering cans online at Consumer Crafts.

Miniature galvonized watering can

Place the watering can on the shepherd hook so that it is hanging over the plant.

Miniature watering can with ribbon

Orient the hook so that the can appears to be watering the plant.

Burlap covered begonia with watering can

How simple it that?

What is your favorite flowering plant that you would use for this fun project?