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The Bar Method 60 Day Challenge Glassybaby PartyIf you followed me on Twitter, or or saw my Facebook posts, in April and May, you most likely saw my many updates with the tag, “bar24in60” or “60daychallenge.”

This spring I was honored to participate in this amazing local fundraiser to support finding a cure for pediatric cancer. I wrote here about starting my 60 day challenge at the Seattle Eastside Bar Method, and its beneficiary, the Ben Towne Foundation, who work in conjunction with Seattle Children’s Research Institute in the field of childhood cancer research.

During the 60-Day ‘Get Bathing Suit Ready’ Challenge:

  • I made a commitment to taking Bar Method a minimum of three days per week during the months of April and May
  • I committed to clean eating and a healthy lifestyle
  • The Bar Method pledged to donate $10 on behalf of each person who completed 24+ classes and $20 on behalf of each person who completed 48+ classes to Ben Towne Foundation

With the challenge all wrapped up, I am very proud to announce that I was able to meet my goal and complete 24 classes! Yeah me!

The Bar MethodBut even better – during the two months of the challenge, the Bar Method had 275 people take 24+ classes and 50 people take 42+ classes, so they were able to donate an incredible $4,000 to Ben Towne Foundation.

The Challenge culminated last month in a fabulous celebration party at Seattle’s Glassybaby studio, where 10% of the glassybaby sales that night were added to this total.

The Glassybaby event raised an additional $500, bringing the grand total to $4500 from Bar Method this year!

GlassybabyLast year they had two fitness challenges benefiting Ben Towne Foundation – and with this year’s Challenge, the total amount of money that Bar Method has been able to donate, over the last two years, to Ben Towne Foundation, is more than $8,650!!!!!

This experience was also an amazing journey for me personally. In completing my 24 classes, I lost one pant size and five pounds, my posture greatly improved and I slept so much better than I had in years.

I also learned to let go.

You see, some of you may know this about me, but I am a little bit of a control freak. And the most impactful thing that working out at the bar taught me, was that my body holds onto all of that.

I walked into that first class determined to be able to get into every pose and hold them, just as the others in the class were doing – but it was a rude awakening when my body had other ideas!

Eventually, with encouragement from the ever-patient instructors, as I stopped thinking so much about it all, and trying to be perfect, the body relaxed and I found I was able to do so much more than I ever could have imagined.

The Bar Method Thank you so much to owners, Luke, Bev and Maika, for this opportunity to give back to a cause I believe in – and to be able to learn about myself and improve my health in the most safe and welcoming environment.

This is no ordinary gym. They have created a beautiful, caring community where life’s special moments, like new marriages and babies being born to members, are celebrated by all, and where comfort is offered in sad times.

I cannot tell you how much it meant to me that when Maika heard my grandmother had passed away, she came over to me, as I was entering class, just to put her hand on my shoulder and tell me how very sorry she was to hear about my loss.

This is a very special place indeed.

The Bar Method has a great new-client offer – only $99 for unlimited classes for a month. I now challenge you – go, give it a try! And come back to let me know what you think 🙂