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Skype Moments - P!NKEarlier this week I talked about saying “yes” to what comes your way.


When Skype Moments contacted me about attending the P!NK concert, here in at the Key Arena in Seattle last Sunday, I saw it as an opportunity to say yes in a BIG way and jumped at the chance!

Skype Moments - P!NKThey offered me two tickets and all I had to do was share parts of the show with my friends via Skype.

My 16 year old son, who loves pop music and is always up for anything, was the perfect date for the evening.

Skype Moments - P!NK While we patiently waited for P!NK to take the stage, (in our fantastic seats!) we enjoyed a short set by the opening act, New Politics, a rock band from Denmark.

Skype Moments - New PoliticsThe high energy performance got the crowd warmed up with a really fun, alternative sound.

Skype Moments - P!NKFinally P!NK made her entrance. And what an entrance it was!

She arrived as she spent much of the evening…

Skype Moments - P!NK…suspended in the air!

The aerial acrobatics in the show were truly stunning.

Skype Moments - P!NKAND, she really moves! A lot! (Which only made it easier to get bad iPhone photos – sorry about that.)

Neither of us had ever really listened much to her music, but discovered as we watched the concert that we knew more of her songs than we realized.

Skype Moments - P!NKI loved watching how she got up close and personal to really connect with her fans.

One of the best little “moments” of the night was seeing how touched she was that one of them had brought a little gift for her two year old daughter.

Skype Moments - P!NKWhat a show! Thank you Skype Moments for such a wonderful evening! How did you know pink was my favorite color? 🙂