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Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyThere’s almost nothing I like better than throwing a good party – except for maybe attending a good party. 😉

Last month I was invited to a special blogger Sprinkle Party hosted by Cupcake Royale at their beautiful new Queen Anne cafe.

Queen Anne Cupcake Royale(Ah pink – my favorite! I love these mixers! I could go for a couple of these in my kitchen! Or even just one.)

Queen Anne Cupcake RoyaleBefore the frosting fun began for us, we were treated to a tour of the kitchen to see how the famous CR cupcakes are made.

Nicki Kerbs, Director of Operations, talked with us about the special ingredients that go into each of these little sweeties.

“What makes these cupcakes fantastic are the ingredients, and proper mixing.” she told us. In fact, they take the mixing very seriously – there is a 2 week bakery boot camp training for each new baker. “Each ingredient we use comes from a special place and we must respect those ingredients with the proper technique.”

Cupcake RoyaleCupcake Royale partners with local farmers and producers in order to bring their customers the best possible tasting product.

The flour comes from wheat farmers in Eastern Washington, the dairy is local and growth hormone-free, and the eggs are cage-free organic. They use organic cane sugar because the least touched sugar adds to the perfect crumb, as well as the perfect flavor.

Cupcake RoyaleAnd the butter!

Between cake and frosting, they go through 500 Lbs of sweet, local butter a week!

(A note to home bakers: always keep your butter at room temperature. You may have heard this before, but the experts at CR swear that this is super important for the best possible baking results.)

Cupcake Royale Founder Jody HallCupcake Royale founder, Jody Hall, summed it up nicely,  “We use fresh, natural, local ingredients, but it’s not fussy. It’s fun! It’s just what grandma would have made.”

After our own personal mini bakery bootcamp, we were on to more fun! The frosting of the cupcakes!

Cupcake RoyaleI have always admired their beauty, but did you know that there is an art to getting that look that dons the top of each Cupcake Royale cupcake?

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle Party

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyNicki was a patient teacher as she showed us just how those cupcakes get that signature swirl.

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyI won’t give away all the secrets, because you MUST find out for yourself!

But it all starts with a nice sized dollop of smooth frosting, there’s some patting involved to get the air out, and then a swirling motion seals the deal.

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyAND don’t forget the sprinkles! Very important – these need to go on while the frosting is still wet so that they stick properly.

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle Party Because who wants to miss out on sprinkles? I say – sprinkle with abandon! Life could always use more sprinkles!

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyI think mine turned out okay – for a first timer!

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle Party

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyIf you want to learn how the pros do it, or even just experience a bit of delicious practice, a Cupcake Royale Sprinkle Party is for you!

It’s a perfect event for birthdays, holiday parties or even just a great night out with the girls.

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyBook your own Sprinkle Party at Cupcake Royale and you will learn the signature swirl, enjoy special toppings, sprinkles and more!

It is only $20 per person for up to 90 minutes at a Sprinkle Party table, and includes 2 cupcakes and a beverage for each guest. (Adult guests can take advantage of the BYOB option!)

The best part of this party? They clean up the mess!

Cupcake Royale Sprinkle PartyTo book your own Sprinkle Party, just choose a cafe (108 Pine seats 8, West Seattle – 10, Capitol Hill – 12, Queen Anne – 14, Ballard – 14, Bellevue – 20) and give Cupcake Royale a call at 206-883-7656 for reservations.

For more information go to: http://www.cupcakeroyale.com/sprinkleparties.php