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Pirates TreasureThere is no doubt that summer is the best time of year here in Seattle. And it wouldn’t be summer in Seattle without Seafair.

Growing up near the south end of Lake Washington, I have such fond memories of this special time of year – the not too distant rumbling of the hydroplanes warming up for the big Seafair Sunday races and the booming roars of the Blue Angels practicing overhead (so close you felt you could almost reach out and touch them!) were the sounds that signaled the height of summer in the city for us kids.

And the parades! Meeting up with friends at the Torchlight Parade as a youth and teen was always a highlight of the festival. Then, as I grew older with kids of my own, taking them to the smaller neighborhood parades around town was a must  – how wonderful it was to feel their excitement and see the delighted (and sometimes terrified!) reactions to the clowns and pirates as they threw out candy to the kids along the parade route.

Each year Seafair is involved in over 75 events that combined touch nearly two million people. Over an eight-week period, Seattle residents and visitors alike enjoy a whirlwind of family activities, cultural festivals, neighborhood parades and sporting events. Seafair culminates with a nighttime run and parade, a fleet of Navy and Coast Guard ships, the thunder of the world’s fastest raceboats skimming across Lake Washington, the top wakeboard athletes in the country showing off their tricks in an exhibition and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels soaring overhead.

SeaFairSynonymous with the annual festival are the famous Seafair Pirates who are an integral part of this celebration. And with Seafair turning 65 this year, the pirates and KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn are helping to celebrate this milestone anniversary with a very special gift for you!

On Saturday, June 7, 2014, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn’s downtown store (215 Pike Street), the Seafair Pirates will be making a personal appearance to introduce KuKuRuZa’s newest flavor, aptly named Pirate’s Treasure. The Pina Colada popcorn was created in honor of Seafair’s 65th anniversary, and is made with Cream of Coconut and chunks of pineapple – a true pirate’s treasure!

At the June 7th event, the first 300 guests will be given a free Flight Bag of Pina Colada: Pirate’s Treasure, have the opportunity to try all of KuKuRuZa’s delicious flavors, and meet the Seafair Pirates in person!

Pirate’s Treasure will be available in all KuKuRuZa shops and online for the length of Seafair, June 1 through August 31, for $16 a gallon.

Be sure to stop in for some pirate fun on June 7, grownups and kids alike. Sample Pirate’s Treasure and join the Seafair celebration. Every day with popcorn and pirates is a fun day!