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Cupcake Royale Locally Brewed CupcakesI know it still feels like summer today, but fall really is just around the corner. Labor Day is coming up this weekend and the kids are getting ready to return to school – mine go next week. Are yours already in school? Frankly I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that both of mine are in high school this year. How did that happen?!

I love the sunshine and carefree days of summer, but this time of year is truly my favorite. The rich flavors of the season take me back to so many happy times in my life:

Growing up, the German Chocolate Cake my mother would lovingly make each year for my birthday in late August.

How I met and fell in love with my husband in the fall and we (both of German decent) celebrate Oktoberfest with our children each year – complete with my great grandmother’s German apple cake.

And pumpkin reminds me of the days when the kids were little and we would go out to the pumpkin patch at a local farm and pick our own pumpkin – happily munching on lovely Washington apples and pears and bringing home some fresh-pressed cider for later.

Cupcake Royale Locally Brewed CupcakesSo when I recently received a visit from the “cupcake fairy” at work it had me really looking forward to autumn. My friends over at Cupcake Royale generously sent me a sneak taste of their delicious fall offerings and there is a bonus – these cupcakes come locally brewed! With these cupcakes you can have your booze and eat it too!

Celebrate the Fall Harvest and Seattle’s best craft breweries with Cupcake Royale’s Locally Brewed Cupcakes! They baked up a whole new line of cupcakes, just in time for Oktoberfest! Their master bakers brought in the master brewers from Elysian, Hilliard’s, 2 Beers, Seattle Cider Co., and Finnriver Cider to create four new cupcakes; Caramel Brandied Pear, Pumpkin Ale, Tipsy Apple, and German Chocolate Stout.

Cupcake Royale Locally Brewed CupcakesCaramel Brandied PearA vanilla cupcake filled with a ginger and pear compote, topped with Finnriver’s Pear Brandy buttercream and pear caramel drizzle. Cupcake Royale uses Finnriver’s Pear Brandy to really amplify the pear flavor. It’s sweet, thick and SUPER aromatic, as well as flavorful.  They’ve always been fond of Simple and Crisp pear chips and wanted to incorporate them into something really special, so to top this off, they have a pear chip streusel that they feel does the locally made product justice!

Pumpkin AleA Pacific Northwest pumpkin spice cupcake, topped with an Elysian’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale buttercream and candied spiced pumpkin seeds. Made with fresh pumpkin puree that is special ordered months in advance from Stahlbush Island Farms in Oregon. A favorite pumpkin beer amongst the baking staff is Elysian’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale because it is not overly sweet or spicy. After testing many an ale, they knew Elysian was the winner! We all love something crunchy to snack on while drinking our brew, so they got busy in the bakeshop and candied some pumpkin seeds with salt and spices – Happy Hour cupcakes anyone?

Tipsy AppleAn apple cupcake topped with Finnriver’s Apple Cider buttercream and apple cider caramel drizzle. Made with apples that are picked right here in Washington! The apples are shredded seconds before they are added to the batter, maintaining the crunch and texture. The effervescent Finnriver apple cider is reduced down to a syrup then added to Cupcake Royale’s legendary buttercream. For even more apple booziness, it is drizzled with a cider caramel! How about them apples?

German Chocolate StoutA moist chocolate stoutcake made with 2 Beers’ Jive Oatmeal Espresso Milk Stout and filled with the traditional German Chocolate Cake’s coconut frosting topped with chocolate buttercream, toasted coconut chips, and chocolate curls. Cupcake Royale knows their chocolate cake is already Seattle’s best, so the only ingredient that could make it better is STOUT BEER!  Beer makes the cake super moist and hoppy, almost tangy! A sweet, creamy brown sugar, coconut and walnut filling might sound over-the-top, but they’ve added some sea salt to curb the sweetness and balance the flavors. This is a more sophisticated German Chocolate Cake – Royale Style! Bottoms Up!

Cupcake Royale Locally Brewed CupcakesLocally Brewed Cupcakes will be available in all Cupcake Royale cafes September 10 through October 31.