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Crisp Kitchen ToolsHappy New Year!

Now that it’s most of the way through the first month of the new year, I have to ask – How is everybody doing with those resolutions?

Did you resolve to eat more healthy?

There are so many ways that one can interpret “healthy” eating, and whether you believe in making resolutions or not, one way that we can all improve our health is by eating fewer processed foods and committing to a more plant based diet.

If one of your promises to yourself was to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, maybe new kitchen tools will be just the inspiration you need to keep that resolution even longer.

Crsip Kitchen ToolsI collect kitchen gadgets like other women collect handbags (though if I am to be completely truthful, I am just as guilty as the handbags thing too. My hubby and sons probably groan, “Oh no, not another kitchen tool” just as often as they say “Do you really need another purse?”)

I love my collection of kitchen gadgets, though I don’t know about you, but I find that I am enamored with many of them initially and then lose interest because they are just more trouble than they are worth. Like a good handbag that gets used over and over again, my favorite kitchen tools are the ones I am attracted to initially because they are cute but then realize just how well they fit my needs.

Crsip Kitchen ToolsLast fall I attended IFBC (the International Food Blogger Conference) held here in Seattle. During the vendor fair (imagine a whole banquet room full of food and cooking vendors!), I was drawn to a table full of kitchen tools that caught my eye with their brightly colored and ergonomic handles. Oh my! I found myself drooling over them! These would look great in my kitchen! But would they be just as useful as they were adorable?

The company was so nice to offer to send me a few samples to try out in my own kitchen and I have to say I have been very impressed with these babies!

Crsip Kitchen ToolsCrisp creates “tools for healthy living.” Developed by award winning housewares designers, they make healthy cooking more fun and playful and fit in your hand just like they were made to be there. These uniquely designed tools that help you solve your everyday food prep problems are also dishwasher safe and affordable.

Help your produce take center stage with the following tools:

Crsip Kitchen ToolsHerb Mincer:  For more healthy cooking, fresh herbs can be used to add flavor in place of unwanted fat or salt. But who likes chopping them? Knives can leave herbs uneven and bruised, as well as a big mess on your fingers, knife and chopping board. This mincer is the best! The sleek and comfortable shape fits in the palm of your hand and keeps your fingers safely away from the five stainless steel blades that chop and mince in no time! It comes apart for ease in cleaning. And if you have ever been challenged with getting the leaves off the stems you will love the two sizes of leaf strippers at the end of the mincer.

Straight Peeler: I have tried so many peelers over the years but this one actually works! The versatile handle is designed so that you can hold it in a variety of positions and the angled head makes peeling so much more effortless. Removing skin from your fruits and vegetables is fast and easy with the high quality stainless steel blade and the built-in eyer is handy for getting rid of bruises and blemishes.

Crsip Kitchen ToolsBerry Baskets (3 pack): We eat a lot of berries around here. My teenage son, who does not really like many fruits and veggies, at least enjoys berries and grapes. So during berry season I buy a lot! Sturdy and stack-able, these attractive containers are great for rinsing, serving and then storing fruit in the refrigerator. The open design allows the berries to breath so that they stay fresher longer. The three-pack of baskets includes one in each bold color – red, purple and green.

Zester: This multi-use tool will help to make any dish more exciting! It includes a scoring blade and channel knife and two zesting blades – a traditional size, and for big jobs a larger one that folds right into the handle for safe and easy storage.  Premium stainless steel blades make for efficient cutting and the ergonomic handle provides comfort while getting the job done.