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VeraI went to my office holiday party this last week, an evening event – timed for right after work. Since I am working with some looming deadlines and had a multitude of tasks to accomplish, I decided that I would work right up until I had to leave the office for the party.

About ten minutes before I needed to head out to the event, I found myself rushing to the ladies room to quickly change into my fancy dress, dab a bit of color on my lips and cheeks, brush mascara onto my lashes and finger comb my unruly locks of hair into a smoother version of a birds nest.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario to you? It was fine – I looked fine (got plenty of compliments on my dress!) – but I had a thought that there could be a better way to set myself up for a fun night of revelry.

VeraA more calm, relaxed way. One that really gets me in the mood to celebrate – And one that can involve a glass of bubbly!

Enter Vera Beautify. A new service in Seattle that allows you to go online, peruse their selection of stylists – complete with reviews and photos, choose one that fits your needs and book a service (updo, blow-out or makeup) to be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Ashli from VeraI recently had a makeover from Vera Beautify with Ashli who came to my home to do my hair and makeup.

She arrived punctually and was set up in no time – while I poured myself a glass of sparkling wine! All she needed was a clear workspace with a flat surface, chair, a mirror and some light.

It was so indulgent! She started with aroma-therapy and a light neck massage.

VeraHow relaxing! Ashli was so warm and friendly. And her focus was on my needs and comfort.

VeraWhile Ashli worked on my blowout we talked like we had known each other for years.

VeraWe talked about everything from hair and makeup (of course), blogging and family, to the arts and even philosophy.

VeraShe just made me feel so comfortable – and at home!

VeraAnd, oh how she pampered me with the gentle strokes of her make-up brushes – I felt like a queen!

VeraWhile I hardly ever wear makeup, she told me how fortunate I was to have the lashes I have and made me promise to at least apply mascara when I go out – I’ve been keeping my promise Ashli!

VeraShe primped…

Veraand primped!

Until ta-da!

VeraAshli transformed my look better than I could have ever imagined! I did not feel “done up” – I was still me – but a much better, more polished me!

VeraNow I just need my fancy dress!