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Valentine's lolipop centerpiece

Sometimes the best creations are born out of trying to do something else and failing at it. This centerpiece is one of those.

I won’t bore you with details of what I was trying to do, but instead want to share with you what I ended up with.

Valentine Lollipop Centerpiece

I am usually a bit behind the trends so it should come as no surprise that this is the first time I have worked with paper straws (AND washi tape!) but I got a great deal on a bunch of tape from my favorite daily deal site, Pick Your Plum. (Thanks for turning me on to them Sis!)

And the straws I picked up at Michaels? Well, again I had a very different craft in mind that they could have been perfect for…

I found this handled, milk glass whatchamacallit – anyone know what it is? – at the Groovy Girlfriends flea market last week for $3, and as this centerpiece developed through trial and error it just happened to sitting close by.

I knew I would find something to use it for!

DIY Valentine Lollipop Centerpiece

All you need is:

  • 2 dollar store vases of varying heights
  • paper straws
  • washi tape
  • thin ribbon
  • heart shaped lollipops
  • small platter

Washi tape on glass vases

I wrapped one length of washi tape around the vases to make them look like a set – even though they were very different styles.

For the lollipop “flowers” I tied a bow onto each straw, and placed a lollipop (with a bit of hot glue on the handle) into it.

(These would make great Valentines to hand out all by themselves with maybe a sentiment tag attached to the ribbon!)

Valentine Lollipop Centerpiece

I then arranged the lollipop flowers into each vase, trimming the bottom of the straws as needed so that they would not flop over in the shorter vase. This also helped to create the tiered look I ended up with.

Then I just placed both vases side by side on the small platter. And, voila! A surprise success!

Valentine Lollipop Centerpiece

What successes in the craft room or the kitchen have you had from having something not work out the way you wanted it too?

Valentine Lollipop Centerpiece

My table is starting to come together. 🙂 Can’t wait to show you the whole thing this week!

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